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700c Gravel Bike

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Saluda – the adventure bike. The bike meant to take you off the beaten path with the speed and handling of a road race bike combined with the comfort and ruggedness of a mountain bike. The Saluda is the bike you can spend all day exploring the roads less traveled. It opens a whole new dimension to the world of cycling.
Longer 425mm chainstays, a longer wheelbase and 42mm gravel tires smooths out the roughest of roads and adds grip to those loose surfaces. Slightly slacker headtube and seatube angles adds stability to track on roads not so forgiving. The stiffest of bottom bracket area promotes acceleration and transforms watts into propelling you forward not draining your energy. Is your offroad ride more rowdier than most? A 650b build option is available and the frame will fit a 650b 2.1 tire.  We've also included all the mounting bosses you need to add packs and take a multi day adventure. With the Saluda you can take in the scenery and enjoy the ride having confidence in the bike that takes you there!

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