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Kachina – a Spirit of Native American cultures. The belief being there is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force, and humans must interact with these or fail to survive. Maybe that is why we ride bikes? Yes, it is extremely fun, the fast pace, railing turns be it on the hot summer pavement or the dusty dirt berm. Conquering the seemingly never-ending climb or busting through shin high water. But most of us who ride feel it is much more than that. There is a connection to nature. The wind in your face, the sun shinning down on you. The dew of the early morning. The silence in the woods being broken only by the deepness of your own breath or the beating of your own heat. It is a feeling that cannot easily be replaced by everyday life. It is an escape from all that worries you.
That is why we at Kachina build bikes. We want to capture that feeling. We build bikes that connect with you in a way that feels natural. Bikes that enable you to experience the joy of the ride and not think about how you are riding. To connect you with nature and what spirits fuels your fire. That is why our symbol is the Pat Hand Print . It was used throughout Native American culture as the highest honor a warrior could bestow on his warhorse. It was always reserved exclusively for the horse who had brought his master back from a dangerous mission unharmed. In a way, that is how we like to think of our bikes. A bike that will be reliable, natural feeling and a bike that will bring you home safely after a day on the road or the trail. 
At Kachina Bikes, we use all the most modern technology available to create bikes that do not feel techy. We believe a bike should feel natural. The rider should feel like they are a part of the bike not on it. We spend a lot of time working with the geometry to create a balanced ride. A bike that will be efficient and effective without having to perform saddle gymnastics to prevent ending up in a ditch. We at Kachina sweat all these details in how we design our bikes, so you do not have to. The materials we use provide all the stiffness you need to crush that new PR while at the same time providing the subtleness you desire to keep you in the saddle for as long as your legs can last.

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