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29er Full Suspension 100mm/100mm travel

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Tsali – The single track slayer,  named after the Tsali trail system in western North Carolina where 36 miles of fast, flowy single track exists. A system known for epic xc/trail routes that go on for miles. Long, seemingly never-ending climbs reward you with fast downhills testing your ability to control at speed. This is what the Kachina Tsali is all about. It is designed for non-bobbing pedaling efficiency, using all your effort into propelling you and the bike forward. 100mm of front travel is mated perfectly with 100mm of rear travel in a platform that is all about modern mountain bike geometry. The slack 67-degree head tube angle enables the Tsali to be more capable than standard XC machines. The 77-degree seat tube angle puts the rider in a neutral and balanced position to climb with more authority. The Manitou Machete front fork and the Manitou Mara rear shock are tuned to smooth out trail chatter, keeping the wheels glued to the ground, while at the same time lending the much needed mid stroke support to navigate anything the trail throws at you. The Tsali is all about the combination of capable short travel and progressive geometry.  
Construction is at the forefront of the Tsali design. Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber 60T is used throughout the frame. HMC 60T is the strongest and lightest carbon fiber cloth being used in modern bike construction. Kachina Bikes incorporates an EPS (Expandable Polystyrene System) production process to increase the rigidity and safety of the frame as well as to decrease the overall weight. The EPS system consists of laminating carbon sheets around Polystyrene forms with a perfectly smooth surface and leaving these forms inside the mold during the pressure phase of production. The Polystyrene form expands due to the increased heat and air pressure, leaving a controlled and optimized thickness of the carbon material throughout the frame. The Polystyrene form is then removed when the production process is complete. After production, all frames are tested to ensure they meet SGS safety requirements. The results are a frame that virtually eliminates structural imperfections adding to the overall quality and stiffness to the frame. The increased stiffness greatly reduces lateral flex therefore improving pedaling performance.

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